Frequently-Asked Questions

The author’s answers to a few common questions:

Q. When will my comment show up?

A. Comments are held for moderation. Because I maintain this blog outside work hours and other commitments will invariably come up, expect delays. If the comment isn’t approved, the most likely reason is inappropriate content.

Q. What do you know about university web sites?

A. I’ve been working full-time on university sites since 2003. During that time I’ve done a bit of everything — design, content management, user training, policy development, analytics, SEO and my favorite part: coding in several languages.

Between wrestling with web management issues first-hand at multiple universities and hearing similar stories from colleagues at other institutions, I’ve formed a good many opinions as to what doesn’t work and why — and what might work if someone would try it. When I realized I was mentally composing monographs on the subject almost daily, I figured I might as well publish them.

Q. Why is this site so lousy?

A. This blog is a labor of pig-headed determination, maintained within the constraints of a tiny budget. Expect slower downloads than I’d prefer, a design that’s less than perfect and a smattering of errors in spelling, grammar, display and coding.

Q. Will you look over our web sites and advise us?

A. As much as I’d like to help, there simply isn’t enough time to provide free consulting services for every university with a problematic web site (because that’s pretty much all of them). You’re welcome to reach out to me through the contact form, and I’ll send you an acknowledgement as time permits.